I am posting a few exercises I did in an on-line writing class some years ago.  They are such fun to do and a great way to practice writing when the inspiration for more serious work-in-progress needs a boost.




Well, it happened again.

Weather turned warmer, snow melted.  Today is only February 25.

I feel disoriented.

A blanket of white should cover last fall’s detritus;

Sparkling mounds and humps and bumps would sculpt my yard into a cotton-batten bed

Anchored by clumps of dried cone flowers and sumac stalks in muted shades of orange and gold;

There should be a pristine landscape outside my windows.


Instead, a disheveled deadness greets my eye

Dun-drab leaves, matted chloroanemic ground-cover,

Ashen soil pock-marked with fallen acorns,

Patches of dingy flaccid snow-slush dribble down the drain

My yard is an eyesore that cannot be camouflaged by a colorful quilt as if it were an unmade bed.


But beauty can be found even in death

The camera frames a sleeping sepia-toned grove gilded by sunbeams cast down from a blue flannel sky.

Mother Earth in a tattered nighty is exposed beneath her misplaced blanket of snow.

A myriad of botanical trophies, withered and mummified by winter freeze,

Await the scavenger-artist to claim them.



The following exercise was done using a “word basket” and combining random combinations of verbs and nouns.  It is one of my favorite writing exercises.


~The wounded deer’s death meanders across the snow like red icing dribbled on a white cake~

~Elk horns harp through a valley of sharp stones~

~My memory of her is framed by a rainbow~

~Icicles droop on the wire like angel wings frozen in sorrow~

~Mercury drowns in its own reflection~

~Neptune’s eyes gaze up from the aquamarine glass sea~

~Morning rises like marmalade roses blooming through the mist~

~Cottonwood trees argue with the whirling wind~

~Tulips, broken by a storm’s sharp talons, are gobbled by the hungry night~

~Cows sleep like hefty ships at port~

~Mystery drives the train like a magician’s wand cast across the plains~

~Daredevil gypsy spirit rides the carnival wheel of love~

~Detours haunt the calendar of my life where plans failed to materialize~

~The arms of daisies flutter, throwing kisses to the sky~

~A choir of crows chant their evensong from autumn’s woodland chapel~

~A minstrel’s flute brushed the air like the feathers of a robin settling in its nest~




Memory treads through our subconscious like a sleuth ransacking a forsaken garret for cues to give meaning to our being.  Its flashlight beam darts over the terrain of our experience, highlighting nooks of reminiscences, sacks of souvenirs, crannies of keepsakes.  Back-tracking, it hovers over discarded passions, abandoned romances, neglected talents.  Turning them over, it reveals the rotted undersides of old hopes and dreams.  Picking from among relics of remembrances, it selects trophies to enhance our present possibilities.

Moving on, Memory leaves cobwebs of forgotten fancies dangling among shards of cherished reflections from our youth.  Emotional ticks of our younger days, caught like moths in a spider’s snare, are gathered into Memory’s field-kit for further examination.  Stealthily slipping through cracks in locked trunks of our heritage, the arm of Memory reaches into depths of racial, ethnic, tribal and clannish lore, drawing forth superstition, prejudice, hidebound intolerance and irrational fear.  These Memory holds up to the light of a harsh reality, revealing stains on the fabric of our soul which may now be washed away.



SOFT: fat stomach, fluffy kitten, down quilt, whisper, tickle of whiskers, paw pads, bread dough, pillow

SCRATCHY: pin cushion, cat’s claws, kitten’s tongue-licks, snoring, old phonograph record, sharp pebbles

ROUND: bowl, swirling galaxies, full moon, balls of yarn, circling birds, round-dance



Soft round stomach of old woman offers cushy pillow for fluffy kitten to lie upon while napping.  Bowl of bread dough, kneaded and rising in warm kitchen waft tickles of tasty memory into snoring noses.  Tiny claws poke through quilted bathrobe, pin-cushioning wrinkled skin. Swirling purrs whisper a dreamland serenade: balls of yarn chased around a full moon amidst galaxies of circling birds.  Raspy croak of old phonograph re-plays a long-gone round-dance.  Muffled cry falls like sharp pebbles on a beach.  Suddenly a scratchy pink tongue licks a tear-salted cheek and both dreamers wake.

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I Wrote a Book in 100 Days!

Can you believe it?  A whole entire complete novel!  In just One-Hundred Days!   That’s about three months… started in mid-October 2017 and ended in late January 2018.  I wrote a total of 92,465 words.

I must confess I had conceived the story and plot many years ago in another on-line class.  I had even written the beginning chapters and sketched in much of the story line over the years.  But this tale, titled “A Roaring Deep Within”, simply languished among many other “starter stories” in my files, never quite taking flight in my imagination.

Then I came across this website online:   TheWritePractice.com/WriteABook

The 100-Day Book course divided participants into small groups so that we followed each other’s progress and exchanged feedback.  The leaders posted writing tips daily by email, and there were webinars as well as written resources we could draw on for help and inspiration.  I found there a “writer’s community” that was available night and day that gave me support and motivation to keep going when my energy dragged, or when I felt discouraged at a tough point in my writing.

The feedback from others was critical for me, and I eagerly read whatever critique was given me, as well as what others were getting.  Learning to give feedback on other’s writing helped me view my own more honestly as well.  It helped me grow more confident in my writing and less affected by that nasty little “Inner Critic” who typically spreads self-doubt all over my pages.

When I enrolled, I imagined that I would simply flesh-out what I’d already written, and therefore it did not seem like such a daunting challenge as it would be were I starting a brand-new story from scratch.  But soon after posting the opening segment, my tale began to demand changes.

I changed the narrative from present tense to past tense, shifted the sequence of several key plot-points, and told the tale from the point-of-view of my protagonist looking back at her life.

Soon I found the story kind of writing itself… new characters appeared, new relationships between characters developed, my characters made choices and took actions seemingly on their own without any conscious decision or planning on my part!  I became more intimately acquainted with my main characters.

I sat down to my keyboard on my days off from work eager to see what they would do next.  The story grew week by week, until the 100 days were nearly over.   Feeling a bit panicked at this point, because I still had not decided how I wanted it to end, I simply sat back and let my main character bring her story to a conclusion. I pulled together a surprisingly satisfactory ending and could honestly say that I had written a whole book in those three months.

Of course, this is not the final draft, but only the first full manuscript.  Next comes editing and smoothing over rough spots and re-working much of the dialogue and narrative.  But again, The Write Practice.com offers an on-going Writer’s Workshop that also asks members to post some writing once a week, giving and receiving that ever important feedback and encouragement.

Writing is ultimately a singular effort that must be tended by the writer alone.  But having a community of others who are also toiling at their own writing helps me feel not so alone.

Mate-Wife jpg

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At last, I found a reprieve from the tyranny of Facebook and the daily horror show of the Trump administration.  In mid-October I enrolled with an online writing program, “The Write Practice”, to take their “100 Day Book Challenge” with the goal of finishing the entire draft of a book between October 15, 2017 and January 23, 2018.   I chose to re-work my long-neglected manuscript of “A Roaring Deep Within” and I succeeded in bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion with 92,465 words… and right on schedule!  I have to say, with no apologies, that I am proud of this successful effort!

The challenge to post at least 3500 words every Friday kept me focused, and my story soon took flight as my characters made surprising choices and performed unanticipated actions. Events turned in new directions without my being aware of planning them.  It became a delightful magical ride that I eagerly embarked upon each Monday and Tuesday… my regular days off work.  I learned new tricks to just write without stopping to edit or even to think very much about what I would write next.  I just sat down at my keyboard and let the story write itself.

Now, with this draft finished, I will begin the process of editing and re-working the story for publication.  This, too, I will do with the support of an on-going writing forum at the same online venue.  New material is to be submitted every Friday.  We give feedback to other writers and get some from them.

The story I have written is a fantastical tale based on legends of the Amazons of ancient Anatolia__ women of power who fought to protect their land from encroaching patriarchal takeover around the third millennium BC.  It is something of a “Wonder-Woman” saga and a “coming of age” tale of one young woman’s struggles as she grows into her destiny to become the High Priestess of her tribe.

It is difficult for me to talk about the fiction I write.  A story has so many nuances and implications, impossible to explain without reading it.   Plot points and thematic turns in a tale cannot easily be described out of context.  It becomes futile to attempt an explanation in a few brief sentences.   At the least, it is awkward to explain dramatic themes with the words of common discourse.  Help! I need a publicist!

But I celebrate that I am again riding the merry-go-round of an author of fantasy fiction!  I feel liberated from the shackles of a daily news cycle that is running off its rails.  I still check the news, but I try not to get caught up in these bizarre world events over which I have no control and about which I cannot fathom meaning nor perceive solutions.  In my stories things can get crazy, but it is always possible for me to steer them to a satisfactory resolution in the end.

I have retreated into my fantasy world once again, and I am happy about that!  I come alive in story.

Here is a passage from a book by my favorite author, Terry Pratchett:  In “Lords and Ladies” the wicked fairies’ breakthrough the barrier between worlds and infest the lives of folks in Discworld.  The good witches come to the rescue, led by Granny Weatherwax.  At the final climax of the story, Granny, (who is a confirmed virginal spinster), is standing alone to face the wildly enraged Unicorn:

“She couldn’t hear the ghostly thoughts of all the other Esme Weatherwaxes anymore.  Perhaps some lived in a world ruled by elves.  Or had died long ago. Or were living what they thought were happy lives… she felt a tiny regret that she’d never be able to meet them… Everything you did meant that a million copies of you did something else… on a million hillsides the girl ran, on a million bridges the girl chose, on a million paths the woman stood… all different, all one.  All she could do for all of them was be herself, here and now, as hard as she could.  She stuck out a hand… “

The Unicorn hits an invisible wall… Granny pulls a long gray hair from her bun and makes a loop that she throws over the wild creature’s neck… she leads the Unicorn to the blacksmith to be shod with silver shoes and nails (for the creatures of faery are tortured by the touch of iron.)  Then she leads it out and sets it free.  It cannot be ensorcelled by the Wicked Fairy Queen again.

This is the power of story.

I have been re-reading my published novel, “The Raven Watched”, in preparation to begin writing the sequel.  At last I begin to see where that story will go next, and I am excited to start working on it.  Even more exhilarating, is finding that my writing in that book is profound!  The story sings!  I can feel the words deep in my soul and I can claim it as coming from within me.  It seems purely magical that, four years after its publication, I can pick up my own writing and not feel apologetic or critical of it at all.  I can dare say, “This is really a delightful book!”, and not flinch with embarrassed modesty.

So, in connection to Granny Weatherwax’s musings, I can wonder:  How is it that, in my imagination, I find such quiet ecstasy… far from the world in which I actually live.  Where, in what past incarnation have I experienced such leisure, for it feels as if I were native to such a contemplative, peaceful, magical world… or is there another “me” somewhere so blessed… and I, here, able to tap into her energy when the stars are aligned for such a connection?  I long to afford such leisure daily, for I feel I will never be able to learn and think and write all that is in me!   So, I daydream… and write the pictures in my mind…

… and my cat, Obie, sprawls in just such luxurious leisure across my desk as I type.  What stories occupy his dreams, I wonder?

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January 2, 2018

The empty mind floats in space

passing ideas, images, reflections, insights, inspirations,

hopes and dreams, fears and nightmares…

A New Year opens…

an empty book without story, without plot, without theme or characters…

waiting to be filled page by page, day by day…

The crabbed hand begins to write,

drawing thoughts from Time and Space…

making sense of a senseless world…

But the passion is gone flat…

the heart doesn’t hear it…

the spirit flounders…

the words won’t come

And the cat comes and sits on the page!

Oh well.  Enough pondering, ruminating, and cogitating for today… tomorrow the words may flow again.

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HOLY DAYS 2017- 2018



I hardly know where to begin.

Nearly a full year lost in the mists of Unreality

A nightmare in our nation

With insanity ramped up daily past all logical imagining

We are living in an upside-down world

Where nearly everything conceived in better times

For the safety, health, and happiness of people

Is being dismantled, piece by piece

By an uncaring, unfeeling, unthinking government.


So, I stopped writing many months ago

Because I had nothing more to say

No inspiration, no imagination, no motivation

In light of the daily dose of depression coming from the news media

I buried myself in reading… books, magazines, internet blogs

In a vain effort to understand the unimaginable


In October, a hopeful light began to break through the gloom

Women, from all walks and talks began coming forth

With long-repressed, long-silenced, long suffered pain

Regarding sexual harassment; molestation; predation; abuse; rape

By men in positions of authority and influence in their lives


Suddenly the tables of power are beginning to shift

A small seismic wave rumbles the bastions of patriarchy

We began the year with a devastating loss

The first rightfully elected woman President of the US

Robbed of her victory by a scheming, lying, cheating politic

Not only the rude conservative religious-right and alt-Republicans

But, by the very Plan drawn up by our founding fathers

In an idiotic bait-and-switch trick called “Electoral College”


The ultimate heist of our democracy was manipulated by a foreign enemy country

Given into the hands of a certifiably insane bigot, liar, crook and madman

Investigations are on-going and getting closer to disclosing impeachable crimes

All this amidst a rising chorus of “Me Too”

That is bringing men down from seats of power little by little

While some have been caught in a net of their own lies

Others are merely caught in the maelstrom of women’s righteous indignation


Look ahead to a better future

Lend your energy to the causes of Justice and Mercy

Work to preserve and protect our democracy and our sacred lands

Care for those less fortunate and threatened by cruel laws and leaders

And vote for the candidates of humane, sane, honest leadership in 2018

For sure we are living in a Time of Momentous Change


May your Holy Days be Happy,

May your Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, and New Year,

All be Very Merry!

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My fellow white Americans.

Source: My fellow white Americans.

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The nation has survived the First 100-Days of the Despicable Orange Menace in Washington D.C.  The Fake Administration has managed to ram its way through the month of fiery Aries, tossing aside all manner of conventions and overturning civil rights and environmental protections without much effort.  It may be hoped that now, as we have entered the month of earthy Taurus, we the People will strengthen our roots in the soils of democracy and continue to increase our resistance to the inconceivable regime-change that is fast approaching.

Trump and his Monstrous Minions have avoided self-destruction while wreaking havoc on the Constitution; erasing many of the nations’ rules of law; trashing truth and decency; threatening the lives and jobs of millions of legal immigrants; declaring virtual war against Muslims and rattling the saber of World War against foreign nations.   Most alarmingly, by denying the facts of science and common sense regarding the dangers of Climate Change and discounting the need for Environmental Conservation, they threaten the survival of wildlife, parkland and natural resources throughout the world. All for their greedy drive to drill and dig for oil.  This is not hyperbole.  It is no longer just a possibility.  It is Real.

The list of their attempts to circumvent laws and rules of democratic government is endless.  Just as we may think it’s as bad as it can get, it gets worse.  Too many Americans still let themselves be entertained by the daily side show of Trumps tweets and other idiocies, failing to realize that all of that has a purpose.  The purpose is to deflect the public’s attention from the administration’s true crimes.

Beneath the firestorm of False News and Alternative Facts that spew from the White House, lurks the ugly secret these are designed to hide:  Namely, the administration’s byzantine tangle of intrigue and collusion with Russia’s interference in the presidential election.   Trump conspires clandestinely in Vladimir Putin’s schemes to undermine the democracies of Europe and America.  White supremacists and nationalist demagogues throughout the world have been slowly rising during the last decades, while Americans sat smugly complacent, assuring themselves that “it can’t happen here”.  Now we learn that the most malicious demagogues and corrupt billionaire war-mongers have been here all along, awaiting their chance to take control.

Hate and Rage, driven by Fear, contaminates the entire planet.

But now, our nation’s people have at last been roused from years of blissful ignorance and complacency concerning the doings and misdoings of our government and political parties.  Gigantic protests and marches throughout the nation inspire hope and determination to resist the autocratic take-over of our country.  A steady stream of calls and petitions to congressional Representatives and Senators in every state is heartening as elected politicians are forced to face their own wrong-doing and unpopularity.

Yet how long will people be able to maintain the momentum before falling into dispirited despair and then back into the indulgence of indifference?   It seems crucial that we keep up the resistance while we still have the freedom of press and speech that our Constitution guarantees.  For, little by little, those freedoms are being undermined by the despicable regime of Trump and his allies.   Once they destroy the privacy rules and neutrality of the internet, suppress the press, silence the public airwaves, and tap our private computers and phones, it will be far more difficult and dangerous to stand up against their lies.

Personally, I find myself bereft of inspiration and drained of motivation to write anything meaningful. But I spend nearly all my free time with my nose buried in detailed articles and enlightening essays from publications such as The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Time.  I pick up more online from The Washington Post; New York Times, and Mother Jones.  A stream of news-bites flow steadily through my email as well, and, last but not less, I share on Facebook and find fresh headlines with the latest unbelievable antics of the reviled Crooked Republican administration and its dreadful Fake President.

It amazes me that I take time to do basic house chores or eat meals.  There is a frantic urgency to this insane obsession that matches the pace of unfolding events in the news-stream.  My moods swing from delight at some small victory of the Resistance, to dispirited despair at the never-ending, on-rolling tsunami of Washington Political Dysfunction and deliberate Destruction.

I Hate that I write only about doom and gloom in my Blog lately!  I had only intended this to be a pleasant romp through all kinds of spiritual and creative ideas… a place to air peaceful, happy thoughts.  The election has completely turned such plans upside down and inside out!

But this is not a time to seek the ‘nice and simple and pretty’ to avoid the ‘ugly and mean’ things going on.  We are foolish to let ourselves be ‘entertained’ by the comedy of errors in Washington.  It is important to stand up against every falsehood, speak Truth to Power now, for we may begin to lose the freedom to do that before long.  Imagine how it would feel when it becomes dangerous to give voice to your thoughts and beliefs, to disagree with those in power… when simply posting something online could get you arrested, jailed, or worse!  It could be easy to retreat into cowardly silence or to meekly surrender to their evil cause.

This is a precious moment demanding to be seized by every freedom-loving American, for if we fail to take courage and resist the flow of apathy and disbelief, it may be too late later.   We are advised by those who have been there in the past:  Practice standing firm in small ways now…join marches, speak up to false news, make comments online and email, pass the word even to those who don’t like or want to hear it.  It will help you stand firm when things get tougher.

Personally, I feel ravenous to learn as much as I can… to understand the depth of evil that pervades the history of our nation’s politics and of the greater world, for I am one who has had the luxury of never meeting true evil face to face.

One of our nation’s Founding Fathers, John Adams, is quoted as warning: “Democracy never lasts long… it soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy that did not commit suicide.”   President Lincoln also predicted that if America were to fail it would not be by attacks from outside, but from within when we falter in our belief in democracy.  These are hard words to take in,  yet it is easy to see, now, how it could happen when we witness the numbers of Americans supporting this disastrous administration and the rapacious political party behind it.

For a country founded on principles of freedom and equality and claiming Christian ideals, we are showing a very ugly underbelly. We could easily self-destruct in this maelstrom of hatred and bigotry.

We must learn to work together with all peace-loving people to keep Truth, Justice, and Freedom alive in America.  We need to put aside our differences on the personal issues such as abortion, gun control, fiscal policy, women’s equality, immigration and human rights, LGBTQ, social security, welfare, taxes and all the other matters of our daily debates.  We must unite and consolidate our forces to defend our Constitution and fight to preserve the Democracy that bestows us the freedom to hold civil debates on vital matters in our ordinary lives.

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I believe we are all prejudiced against some things and towards others… philosophies, literary genres, styles of art, religions, nationalities, climates and geographical locations.  You name it and each person will have preferences and their own irrational attitudes on most subjects.  We often express these in terms of endearment or derision: (“I love purple and I hate orange.”)  … pronouncing judgement and giving our opinion as fact: (“dogs are smarter than cats!”)

In most cases these are personal idiosyncrasies that harm no one except, perhaps, ourselves by limiting our perspective on a subject and causing us to appear uninformed if not totally wrongheaded.

But there is a more subtle and deeper sort of prejudice that verges on discrimination, elitism, and even racism without our being aware.

As a white woman, growing up in a Midwestern American small-town, in a Protestant middle class family, and as the only child to devoted loving parents, I have known nothing at all of poverty, social displacement, war, or famine.  I have lived a life of privilege within a cocoon of liberal idealistic complacent safety.  Furthermore, I have been blessed with good looks, intelligence, and talent. Along the way, I have gathered a large circle of wise and interesting friends.

So, I have believed myself to be above petty prejudice.  I see myself as open-minded, thoughtful, and capable of achieving worthy goals.  I have attained some rather undeserved status, made my small mark in a chosen profession, experienced a variety of life-styles through the passing years, and envision myself contributing to the greater good.

It comes as a shock to discover how conceited I can be; how quickly judgmental I sometimes feel; and how very often I see others as ‘less than’ or ‘ignorant’ or ‘unattractive’.   I realize that I am not ‘color-blind’ either, for I notice ethnic and racial differences even if I don’t judge them negatively.  It is a form of snobbery, and I feel ashamed for it.  It troubles me, for I have come to realize how closely these prejudiced attitudes come to mean-mindedness and even cruelty.  They are a form of discrimination that can lead to a subtle xenophobia, bigotry, and even bullying, or the epidemic fear of “otherness”.

Lately, while thinking about all this, I had a memory from long ago.

When I was in High school, I ran with the “popular” clique of girls.  I frequently heard them make disparaging remarks about some less fortunate kids.  Especially, there was one girl who was quite plain looking, dressed poorly, and was clearly not very bright.  She was quiet, kept to herself, but always kind and gentle.  My friends in the clique made fun of her behind her back and called her by a silly nickname.  I felt uncomfortable about this, but never spoke up since I wanted to ‘belong’ and feared their mean teasing might turn on me!  I even laughed with them about her.

Yet, whenever I encountered her on my own I would smile and be friendly.  I learned to know that she was sweet and kind, but painfully shy.  I found some empathy for her as I was also quite shy and timid among strangers, though I put on a good charade of confidence.  But I still never spoke up on her behalf to my friends.

Then, much later when we were adults, that girl… now a married woman with several very handsome kids and a loving husband… shopped at the store where I worked.  We renewed acquaintances and enjoyed some friendly conversations.   She then attended several of our high school class reunions, although she was still very shy around the group.   While others tended to overlook her, I made a point to visit with her.

Then a couple of years ago, her daughter came to the store and looked me up to tell me that her mother had died.   She wanted me to know that her mom had thought very highly of me and spoke of me as her ‘best friend’ from high school!

I feel chagrined to realize how I had complied with the subtle bullying she received, yet that she counted my meager smiles and friendly overtures as a deep friendship.  I feel emotional and shamed when I tell this simple story.  I have yet to comprehend the full depth of the lesson, but it has helped me recognize how and where I still retain some level of this childhood chauvinism.

Now I vow to confront and call out such bullying and subtle cruelty wherever I observe it.  In the current political climate of our country we are all victims of bigotry and prejudice at varying levels.   People of color; LGBTQ people; Native Americans and indigenous peoples; Women in general; people with disabilities; rural poor folks; the aged; people of religions different from white Christianity; and just anyone who is not part of the white male corporate millionaire elite class that now holds our government hostage.

But, as Americans, we are also guilty of our National prejudice of privilege.  We are learning to see how our pride has kept us from recognizing the pain of others.   We, the People, are challenged to empathize with the suffering of strangers; to reach out and share our rich land and culture with those now escaping from violence and tragedy in their war-torn lands.   If we don’t help them and keep our country free for all, we may soon find ourselves running in search of safety with them.

God help America regain and retain her free democracy.

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24-Shots for calendars 04 290



Today is my 77th birthday.

Seven is a lucky number and I do feel fortunate

So much to be grateful for

So many friends wishing me well

A comfy peaceful home with my two fur-babies

And their country cousins outside to keep me entertained

My mind is clear, but somewhat numbed from world events

So, I have withdrawn a bit and not been inspired to write in this Blog

Feeling some need to reconnect, but reflecting on the nature of my Sun Sign


I seem to be in a reclusive phase

And am learning to be okay with that.

Pisces is called a double sign…having at least two sides to its nature

Reclusive and Creatively Imaginative…  Dreamer

Deeply feeling and Connective with All…

A Pisces can’t help but take on the moods and feelings around her/him

So, it is, ultimately, a multiple sign … As the last Sign of the Zodiac

It becomes a sampling of stuff from the previous eleven signs

A kind of Psychic collective of moods and memories and emotions

As a Water Sign, Pisces is primarily motivated by Feelings… Images… Fantasies…

Pisces is a Spiritually Attuned Dreamer … or an Escape Artist

Sometimes deceiving, even him/herself, by avoiding and ignoring reality.

But the urge to hide is strong … the desire to retreat from Life

Not a death-wish, but a compelling need to evade the uncomfortable demands of the world.

Thus, I excuse my delinquency here in my Blog.

I do plan to return with sane and thoughtful posts sometime soon

But for now, I will allow myself to withdraw into my own fantasies

And dreams

And memories…

While sending Peaceful Prayers for the Healing of Our Nation and the World.

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Looking Glass World



February 12, 2017

“Ironic President’s Day”


As the atrocities build up, one worse than the last,

and news becomes jumbled and twisted by their lies,

we must not stand by silently and watch as the world crumbles around us.

But It becomes harder to shrug off the sense that we are doomed.

Where is the Divine Retribution against this carnage of our American democracy?

Trying to keep a positive and active resistance becomes more challenging

As their hatred permeates the very air we breathe.

They call themselves Christians

What kind of God is commanding this horror show?

Is it His intention that we must go the way of all historic Great Civilizations?

This one has only been around for a few hundred years… most others lasted much longer.

We seem to be headed down the slide to the very bottom of Hell

where these Rabid Republicans and their deplorable followers will meet their Waterloo…

taking all of us with them

We are struggling to retain a sane and humane attitude…

To reassure each other

That “We the People” can prevail Together

Yet Hatred gnaws at the soul of the world.

Soon we become like them, but on the other side of the looking glass.

It is surreal…

Someone please wake us from this nightmare!

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