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A Meditation Guide on Woman’s
Sacred Cycles and Sexual Mysteries

Full color picture book
Soft cover
77 pages
$19.99 plus s&h to buy direct from Karin E Weiss
Published by Xlibris, 2003

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The paintings in this picture book are intriguing, albeit they are rendered in a distinctly amateur and primitive style. The text, however, is polished and truly captivating. Weiss writes a mix of fantasy, philosophy, and poetic prose to express profound wisdom in plain words. Her ideas are deceptively simple, for every sentence reveals deeper meanings about women’s experiences of life, love, and longing.

The book derives from the author’s life-travels as a sex therapist, astrologer, artist, gardener and breeder of pedigreed cats. Her love of animals shows through the paintings. Her empathy for human foibles and her sympathy for Nature’s caprice lends a sometimes shocking humor, combined with honest revelation, to her concept of Woman’s erotic spirit. Weiss offers a broad view of sexual-spiritual merging that encompasses shadow and light, serious and playful, foolish and wise. She is less sympathetic to the prevailing male-dominated culture, however, and a strong feminist bias shows through all of her work.

Here are the names of the eight Archetypes and their corresponding masks or faces or roles, as Weiss has defined and arranged them:
1. Mother Archetype: Mother Earth, Divine Mother, Grandmother. (New Moon and winter solstice)
2. Maiden Archetype: Good Girl, Naughty Girl, Orphan. (Waxing Crescent Moon)
3. Wild-woman Archetype: Dame Nature, Maenad-Madwoman, Whore. (First Half Moon)
4. Muse Archetype: Clown, Star, Siren. (Gibbous Moon)
5. Lover Archetype: Beauty Queen, Sweetheart, Vamp. (Full Moon.)
6. Companion Archetype: Handmaiden, Mate-Wife, Sister-Friend. (Disseminating Moon.)
7. Warrior Archetype: Heroine, Huntress, Rebel. (Second Half Moon.)
8. Wise Woman Archetype: Mystic, Priestess, Witch-Shaman. (Balsamic Moon.)

This book is a gold mine of affirmation, self-knowledge, compassion, and pure chutzpah for women and teenage girls today. Read it and learn to like yourself better– even those parts of you that you have denied and tried to hide.

Following are a few selected passages:

Earth remains ever the prototypical Female, recreated in the fertility cycles and bodies of all women. The bond we inherit through our physical bodies to the earth connects us to all her creatures forever. Deep in our bones, we remember our sacred earthy origins. (Mother Archetype, first face: Mother Earth, p. 16)

The Maiden is core to all others, for she embodies the soul’s dream. In her world, the magic of make-believe prevails. The freedom to explore our fantasies as children, gives us self-confidence to pursue our dreams as women. ( Maiden Archetype, p. 22)

The Wild-woman is the animal part of us who roars, howls, snarls, screeches, with untamed primitive passion. She is the keeper of an inner bestiary, the choreographer of a psychic circus of barely contained passions, waiting to be un-caged. In her profound madness, the Wild-woman shakes our complacency, awakens our enthusiasm to enter the tragic and comic struggles of life. (Wild-woman Archetype, p. 30)

The Clown is witness to the capacity for soulful play. . . She helps us recapture our appreciation for the ridiculous, to reclaim our own sublime comic-self who looks at life and chuckles. She reminds us that laughter is always good medicine, for it keeps us young at heart. (Muse Arch., first face, Clown, p. 40)

The Lover is the part of us for whom the poems are composed and the songs are sung. . . . She wields powers of attraction, affection, and attachment that can sear our soul. Even so, she strengthens our hearts through an alchemy of suffering, and we learn that romantic love thrives on tragedy. (Lover Archetype, p.46)

The Companion leads us into the complex world of personal, familial, communal, and global relationships. She instructs us in matters of mutuality and reciprocity. She presents us with opportunities to experience commitment and shared responsibility. (Companion Arch, p 54)

The Heroine initiates us into realms of higher mind, awakening our passion to impact the greater good, arousing our desire to achieve larger goals in life. . . . The Heroine carries the Warrior’s banner in the battle for women’s truth and liberty. The fight waged by a Heroine is for women, everywhere, to recover their autonomy. (Warrior Arch., first face, Heroine, p. 64)

The Mystic is the keeper of our inner temple, presiding over the realm of meditation, prayer, serene solitude, prophecy, and lucid dreaming– all solitary psychic mysteries perused in the privacy of our hearts. . . . She is content to do no more than contemplate what she has heard or seen, for she dwells in mystery, seeing all sides of every matter from within her own duality. (Wise Woman Archetype, first face, The Mystic, p. 72)

This is a beautiful book, and the writing is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It would make a nice gift for that liberated, progressive woman (or man) on your list.  It is also a terrific guide for a women’s discussion group or workshop. Feel free to email me with questions about the shipping and delivery or other matters related to the book’s content.


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