Entered here will be snippets from my own writings and some quotations from others sharing thoughts for meditation, insight, and inspiration from selected Goddess Lore, Astrology, and Tarot.

For over twenty years, in the 1980’s and 90’s, I conducted workshops, published reports, gave readings and taught classes in these areas of the oracular occult mysteries. I will post my own writings from those years as well as some new thoughts on this Page of my Blog. I hope you will find your own inspirations and insights ignited with renewed energy from meditating on these snippets.

First a bit of introductory clarification:  You need not be a student of the cosmic and astrological cycles to find inspiration in the messages they bring here.   In simpler language: you don’t have to “believe” in any of it to comprehend the rhythmic beat of cycles that take place in our lives daily.  If studying the “mysteries” is not your cup of ambrosia, then skip the following explanations and jump ahead to the main postings.

SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC:  There are twelve that cycle monthly through a year, changing around the 21st of each month as the sun slips over the last degree of one into the next.  Since all beings share something of every sign’s energy as the sun moves through its annual round, the interpretations I give here are not exclusively for people born in the sign’s month, but shared by all of us to some extent. I encourage you to take from these what fit for you, whether or not it is your particular “Birth Sign” (the sign the sun was in at your birth.)

LUNAR PHASES:  The moon, traveling through its monthly circle of phases, provides  another cosmic clock by which we can judge the timing of energies, events or moods on a more immediate scale.  We can see the moon exert a direct pull on the earth as we watch the ocean’s waters advance and recede in rhythm with the moon.  So also, we can imagine how the magnetic energy might pull and tug on our bodies which are made mostly of water.

My Lunar Cycle of the Goddess, or “GODDESS WHEEL”  was inspired by my study of astrology and its twelve mythic rhythms in counterpoint to that of the moon’s eight magical monthly moments.

EIGHT SABBATS OF GREEN WITCHCRAFT:  Then, to confuse the picture again, I correlate eight seasonal “Holy Days” based on the turning of the Seasons as celebrated in ancient pagan traditions throughout the world.  These go be various names in different cultures, but they follow a natural course charted by folks who lived by the rhythm of Nature’s Clocks:  the moon and the seasons.  (Their pairings are of my own design, not by any set tradition.) These Holy Days are of two alternating groups:  1.) Solar:  Solstices and Equinoxes, based on the rhythms of daylight vs night dark.  2:) Lunar:  called cross-quarter days, falling midway between two solar holidays.   They are named  Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox, Samhain, Winter Solstice, and Imbolc.

Why do I bore you with all this nonsense?  Go ahead and read the monthly entries. Take what you want, leave the rest.   Goddess’ Best Blessings!




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FEBRUARY 18 TO March 20

The season of The Fishes flows in a stream of paradox. Pisces represents the joining of opposites__ the merging of inner with outer, the blending or reality with fantasy, the joining of life and death. The forces of Pisces immerse us in the deep waters of unconscious universal truths and dissolve much that we believed ourselves to know. It is a time of confusion unless we are able to release our grasp of what is perceived to be real and “go with the flow”. During Pisces, we are neither coming nor going for it is both end and beginning.

During this passage we are given opportunity to let imagination, vision and dream show the way. It is a season for the child within each of us to emerge and guide our adult-self through the land of make-believe and fantasy. We learn again to see with the eyes of the child-self who knows that dreams are another level of reality and that wishes, given belief and vision, do come true.

It is with the ‘right-brain’, non-rational mind, that we exercise our ability to day-dream and thus enter the world of fairy tales and mystical experiences. Here we can step momentarily outside of our concrete immediate world to discern the universal myths legends and symbolic figures which reveal larger patterns and purposes in our lives. We glimpse the threads connecting our small selves to the whole universe and eternity

Bruno Bettelheim, in his book “The Uses of Enchantment” writes of the delight we experience when we allow ourselves to respond to a fairy tale. He explains that the enchantment we feel comes not so much from the psychological meaning of the tale but from its literary qualities, for the tale itself is an art form.

Joseph Campbell’s voluminous works have awakened many people to the realization that spiritual motifs and mythological stories from different religious traditions are derived from the same inner dream material as fairy tales. Western civilization is beginning to realize the value of myth, dream and vision in daily life.

Pisces represents both art of imagination and depth of spiritual wisdom. As such, this energy has the power to heal or destroy, depending on the level at which we choose to apply it in our lives.

Much of what is termed “New Age” consciousness is really the consciousness of the Piscean Age coming to its culmination. The movements for peace and unity reflect the Piscean urge for compassion, universality and spiritual Oneness. The hope is that the New Aquarian Age will be built upon the best of Piscean foundations rather than upon its weaknesses of dependence, illusion, denial and unrealistic idealism.

Through the faith of Pisces, our spirit can experience metamorphosis like the butterfly. By tapping the creative power of Pisces we can transcend narrow- sighted demands of ego to attain the vision of being at one with all Creation. By applying the imaginative forces of Pisces we can give meaning to otherwise unintelligible life events and bring seemingly chaotic energy to manageable form. There is a bridging here of spirit and substance.

Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, represents the energy of spiritual attunement and can help quench our thirst for unconditional universal love. By utilizing the energy of Neptune we dissolve outworn and useless elements in our lives and wash away petty grievances to make room for compassion and grace. We can find ways to detach ourselves from the mesh of mundane nets that confine and restrict our spirit. We can learn to swim freely through the waters of cosmic awareness and universal understanding to attain atonement (At One-ment) with God/dess.

Pisces has been related with the mythical dolphins who served as teachers and guides to the Greek deities. The dolphin was revered for its gentleness and mercy. A Roman story of the boy and the dolphin depicts the dolphin’s total compassion in which, upon finding the boy dead, it lay down and died with him. This is a danger of Pisces energy, for boundaries can become foggy and emotions can get enmeshed so closely with those of others, that we may be unable to distinguish between our needs and theirs.

In Pisces it is necessary to frequently go within ourselves to make a solitary journey into the depths of our own soul and locate there pearls of wisdom which we can bring out from the unconscious to enrich our lives in the world. To do this requires that we surrender our ego’s desire in order to pursue some numinous, mystical inner psychic path. In such a time we will be utterly vulnerable and must learn of the power of faith.

The Fish stories of Jonah and the Whale, and of Hiawatha and the Great Fish are examples of such a descent into the sea of the unconscious. Pisces symbol of the fishes swimming in opposite directions reminds us of the connections between our own higher and lower selves.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. The end of an annual solar cycle. Yet, though it is an end, it is not a termination, for this production called Life has no final curtain and Pisces represents simply a kind of border area for making the transition from an old to a new level of experience.

Pisces season is a time to sort through your personal collection of dreams and images for those that hold significance for you at this juncture of your life. Then you can uplift those ideals, refine and enhance them with creative imagination and spiritual vision and find the inspiration to act upon them in the succeeding phases of the new annual cycle.

BLESSING FOR PISCES: Let your inner child lead your search through magical waters of life to discover hidden treasures of your soul; and in the land of fantasy let your spirit discover the secrets for bringing your fondest dreams to life; then as you emerge from the mystical to the mundane, let the God/dess spirit within you bring healing to both worlds.





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January 20 to February 18.

It is the deep of winter. The wind of Aquarius blows brisk and piercing. It opens the portals of genius. In the darkness lamps are lighted. In our minds bright points of consciousness begin to glow with hope.

The force of Aquarius is difficult to express in words for it is an active inner experience. Yet this energy needs to be shared with others and the month of Solar Aquarius is a special time for communion with our sisters and brothers on the planet Earth.

Aquarius brings revolutionary energy. We can feel the urge to overthrow the outworn mental structures of established tradition in order to experience the exhilaration of expanding consciousness. We may desire to break through all limiting boundaries in our lives and move out freely into untested territories of metaphysical space.

An iconic little story popular in late twentieth century is cogent here: “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach, describes Aquarian energy: “He spoke of very simple things__ that it is right for a gull to fly, that freedom is the very nature of his being, that whatever stands against that freedom must be set aside, be it ritual or superstition or limitation in any form…”

Aquarius opens our mind-channels to higher consciousness; to magical, magnetic, electrifying, spontaneous insights; to lightning-like glimpses into future truths that are revealed without explanation and left to individualized development within each of us.
Aquarian energy is humanistic energy, upholding the banner of freedom. It rekindles the torch of individual liberty to explore, examine and express ideas without censure. It stands for the principle of sisterhood and brotherhood. It promotes friendship.

Aquarius challenges us to dare to be different; to follow that far-off beat of the rebel drummer and to express our true unique individual selves, not in isolated self-service, but in service for all of life. In the spirit of Aquarius, we each become a channel of the divine “water of life” as demonstrated by the picture of the “Water bearer”, this sign’s traditional zodiac symbol.

According to several scholars of our prehistoric roots, the primary symbol for Aquarius is not the human figure who pours water from a jug, but the vessel itself, which represents the Great Mother as “Container of Life”. In Egypt the annual flooding of the Nile occurred during this season and thus assured the fertility of the land. In the hieroglyph a water jar symbolized the feminine principle of fecundity, the waters pouring forth eternal sustenance, not only as food and drink, but as infinite Wisdom.

The chalice or cup in the Arthurian legends of the Holy Grail is also an Aquarian symbol. The Seeker after the Holy Grail may be viewed in our modern day as ‘Every person” who follows their inner wisdom (the feminine muse) to discover their own personal Truth and then aspires to live that Truth with integrity. This is a key message of the New (Aquarian) Age.

In Aquarius we encounter awakening consciousness__ the urge to question old ideas and seek new answers. In this dawning era the Aquarian motif of individuality expressed for the good of a common larger interest takes precedence over older social forms. While Aquarian energy represents the ideal Perfected Being who is liberated from the limits of Time and Space, it also teaches us that no single individual holds power over others. Each person has the potential to make his or her own Vision Quest and bring forth from that personal journey treasures of wisdom to share with the whole group. Thus each contributes to the Universal plan in their unique way.

In the birth chart for the United States of America, Uranus the ruler of Aquarius holds a significant position and the moon is in the Sign of Aquarius. Astrologers interpret this emphasis on Aquarian energy to signal the destiny of our nation as a liberating force in the world. Yet genuine liberation can only happen from within ourselves and it is during this mid-winter season that the light of life shines deeply into the dark places within us to help free our minds of the obstacles of old fears blocking our path to the future. As we liberate ourselves we make room for others to do the same for themselves.

Uranus-ruled Aquarius has direct links to our urge to rebel against the restraints of parochial/partisan teachings and to view life from a global orientation. Uranus awakens us to higher consciousness that informs us of our planetary citizenship over that of our allegiance to particular political-geographical-religious-economic biases.

The Aquarian vibration originates at the level of our minds. It instructs us in the arts of friendship and brotherly-sisterly-humanitarian activities. It calls us to break free from the restrictions and limitations of our past and move into the future with hope and adventuresome daring. Yet we are warned to connect our minds with our hearts so that the revolution will remain peaceful and humane.

This is a lively, eclectic, erratic and eccentric energy with which we express our need to freely individual and unique from others, to march to the beat of our own drum. Those with strong Aquarian emphasis in their birth chart will experience the force of independence as a principal theme in their lives. Yet each and every one of us is attuned to this vibration somewhere in our charts and lives.

BLESSING FOR AQUARIUS: Where two or more are gathered in the name of higher consciousness, there will we discover illumination to light our paths toward the future way. Let us pray God/dess grant us the wisdom to see the truth where it shines and to discern the misleading glare of false ego-flares.



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September 23 to October 23

Libra, the sign of the Scales, is poised at the midpoint of the solar year. Momentarily matters stay suspended as the seasonal balance shifts from spring/summer to fall/winter. It can be easy to lose our balance at this time, and we may frequently feel out-of-alignment with life as we try to hold on to things that need to be let go.

The forces of Libra challenge us to bring our inner selves into balance with our outer world. The act of balancing is not a static holding-on to some stable median between extremes. It is a dynamic coordinating and bringing together unlike elements so they can operate in harmony rather than discord in our lives. This is a challenging task that requires us to pay closer attention to others needs and desires as well as our own.
The “peace” sought by Libra is not of pacifism, but of active engagement with others through honest and clear communication and respect for equal rights. Harmony is achieved through the intersection of honest confrontation of conflicting forces. Negotiation is not for compromise as much as for finding common ground from which to make cooperative partnerships.

Libra’s scales measure Justice. Emotional judgements can get us in trouble at this time when we forget to balance our feelings with the clear ray of intellect. In the season of Libra we can review our past actions and choices in light of their consequences; we can take full responsibility for our share in all our relationships. Without standing in judgement or blaming others for our circumstances, we can act with a spirit of cooperation to correct misunderstandings. This is a time to mend broken ties and build stronger bridges that can unite our personal causes with those of the larger world.

Where we have held ourselves aloof and separate from others, we are now challenged to make intelligent, collaborative partnerships. In both personal and business relations, we are given opportunity to forge mutually beneficial, artful ties. Inequity, exclusivity and provocative competition are discouraged.

In the area of intimate partnership, Libra holds an ideal of marriage as a bonding between equals. Sadly, this ideal has become badly distorted by culturally defined concepts of marriage as a kind of ownership of one partner by the other. Culturally there is a sentimentally romanticized idea of love as a kind of servitude to the loved one. This serves to blind some from the truth of what marriage partnership entails. Some find themselves trapped by a self-imposed ideal in which they assume the duty of care-taking or obeying the partner prevents them from following their own interests and goals.

The Libra ideal of marriage involves a desire for intimate companionship with the other who is equal, though different, from oneself. (This holds true for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.) There is a mutual support and shared power which provides a union of fair and harmonious giving and receiving. Each individual remains whole-in-themselves, neither needs the other to feel complete, yet together they may feel stronger in the world.

Libra is governed by the Goddess of Love and Beauty__ Aphrodite/ Venus. This brings a season for awakening our aesthetic senses. We can be inspired to bring together our mental ideals with our emotional sentiments in ways that give form to refined and uplifting thoughts. We can design and arrange our world to bring beauty and grace to all that we do. Within ourselves we can make a marriage between our own masculine and feminine elements, the rational linear thoughts with the intuitive circular feelings and our innate inner beauty shines through in all areas of our lives.

May you create peace and harmony within yourself by forging a bond of love between your inner partner and your outer self. May you then bring forth the grace and beauty of this love into all your relationships with others. May you find the connecting links between your intellect and your emotions and with them weave a network of collaborative, mutually helpful relationships working to bring peace into the world. Blessed Be.



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(August 23 to September 23)

Virgo, “The Virgin” represents self-sufficiency, not chastity!

She brings an urge toward refined self-discipline. She strives to achieve a balance between mind and body. Efficiency, organization, effectiveness and perfection are motivating ideas for Virgo, and for Earth’s consciousness during this time of year.

Virgo views Beauty as ultimately demonstrated in usefulness. That which serves no sensible utility is little valued by Virgo. Although she can appreciate the aesthetic value in things, she demands that they also serve some practical meaningful function.

At Virgo’s season we are compelled to examine our present course with a sense of caution and practicality. We are reminded that summer’s days are fleeting. We feel a tinge of apprehension with the cooler and lengthening nights.

We can be moved to get our affairs in order; to make adjustments and corrections in the course we have set ourselves these summer months. It is time to “harvest our crops” sorting the necessary from the trivial, so that we can continue on our chosen path with greater effectiveness. Virgo urges us to take objective self-appraisal, to more closely perfect the talents we bring to our tasks. We can be led to learn humility when we judge our achievements and view our failings in Virgo’s clear bright light of reason.

Sometimes we may experience doubting dissatisfaction with ourselves, accompanied by a yearning for perfection. Yet, rather than criticize ourselves for mistakes, we are led to earnest self-examination that helps refine our senses toward more practical application.It thus becomes a time of healing for ourselves, our relationships, our nation and our planet.

Historically, the “Virgins” of pre-patriarchal cultures were people who embodied a wholeness in themselves. They were not dependent on anyone else for their identity, health, or happiness. Such women and men were “healers” and “artful magicians”, often taking roles of servant to others needier than themselves. They performed services of cleansing and healing through skillful techniques learned through years of practice. Some were temple priestesses and priests, some were medicine women and men, and some were simple peasants and laborers.

Now, at the Virgin’s time of year, we can be mindful of these humble role models and dedicate ourselves to practical preparation for the seasons ahead. We let our bodies serve our minds by applying ourselves to often mundane, tedious endeavors. In performing repeated tasks we may find joy in simple improvements and gain satisfaction from small changes.

Above all, now we are challenged to see the good in each situation and nourish that rather than dwell on the negative. We grow by humbly correcting our mistakes. We learn to react to imperfection with a genuine remorse that results in self-forgiveness.

BEST BLESSINGS OF VIRGO: May you walk in humble awareness of the beauty and perfection of our Earth. May you be healed of your physical, mental, and spiritual pain by serving others with the skillful application of your special knowledge and talents. May you recognize the divinity in your own soul and respectfully bow to the higher power within every earthly being. May you experience your own true virginity as being complete in yourself, yet know intimately of the deepest life-force which bestows perfection by integrating all together as One.


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On July 22 this year (2015) the Sun enters the zodiac sign of LEO.

The energy of the Lion’s season is imposing and hard to ignore. The sun in its glory casts a golden mantle over the landscape, warming and cheering all who have hearts open to receive the blessing. There is a regal splendor in this season which impresses us with the infinite grandeur of life. It is time to cast off our cares and raise our hearts in joyful praise of our home planet’s noble majesty.

We partake of Leo’s vital energy whenever we do something with no further purpose than to enjoy doing it. Leo’s magnanimous force is at its prime when we interact with others in a spirit of happiness; when we invent and create for the pure pleasure of exercising our imaginative faculties; when we open our hearts to children, pets, and friends for the pure delight of being together; when we engage in romantic activities with sincere respect for self and other; and when we forgo personal motivations to unconditionally share in the joy of giving and receiving love.

It is the familiar big-headed male Lion whose image has come forth in recent history to represent this powerful sign, popularly known for its qualities of pride and egoism. Yet, as with all the astrological symbols, when we search farther back into earlier origins we discover that Leo images are more often of the Lioness. At times a female and male lion are shown together. This seems most appropriate, for this is the season of play, creativity and romance__ all equally the domain of either sex.

Ultimately, through basking in the vitalizing light of Leo, we find that playing is not just a childish or trivial act. Instead we discover that play can be the very essence of living. We begin to see that the real role of work is to assist us in our ability to play more fully! Not, however, in our modern culture’s commercialized, anesthetizing, automated, mass-produced forms of “recreation”, but with the spirit of free will and creative imagining that brings a freshness to our lives, vitality to our bodies, and love for ourselves and others.

Pleasure has been advanced as the final value in life by philosophers, scholars, teachers, and players throughout history from Aristotle to Freud to Einstein to Charlie Brown__ and long before them by the Goddess religions of Ishtar, Aphrodite, Shakti, and Mother Nature Herself. Only in puritanical asceticism is pleasure seen as sin.

Each of us carries our personal brand of Sunshine into life which we can now use to illuminate all that we do in a spirit of enthusiasm. At this time of the year, with the ingenuous wisdom of a child, we are given to do what comes most naturally in order to simply BE ALIVE and LOVE LIVING. The season of Leo is a time to play wholeheartedly. We are given opportunity to re-discover the significance of pleasurable creativity and play for the elevation of our very souls!

Essential inspired originality arises from the core of our being. By exercising this wholesome and unique resourcefulness without hidden motives, we learn to love self and other unconditionally. We discover what lies in our heart. We meet our inner child-self at play and are joyfully entertained by what we bring into being.

In many traditional “pagan” societies as well as in civilizations from ancient times, the roles of Art and The Artist were held in higher regard than the conventionally are in our modern culture. The older view held that the artists were created by their works rather than the other way around. The artist was seen as an instrument of a divine higher power; through the works of an artist’s mind and hands she or he collaborated in the very Work of Creation. By serving God/dess through a simple expression of our heart’s vision we also can become channels for Higher Wisdom; we can partake in the creation of a better world.

To “Play” means also to “Perform”. There is a dramatic theatrical element in the sunny energy of this season. In the spirit of Leo we seek a central position on the stage of our own life-drama. We want attention. We want applause. We want to be admired. We want to be loved. Looking for our affirmation from the outside world can often be discouraging however, and the fundamental lesson of Leo’s school is to learn to love and appreciate ourselves. We are reminded to admire and applaud the beautiful child who dwells in our hearts. We are encouraged to free our inner child to shine forth with the creative light of our unique soul.

BLESSING FOR LEO:  May your inner child come forth safely into your daily life to play and rejoice in your loving self. May you encourage and praise yourself for the special person you are and reward your talents with the applause of a happy heart… May you find time to be at leisure to pursue your personal bliss and to vitalize your special brand of sunshine.



Armani figurine m w kids front

On June 21 the sun enters the Cardinal Water sign of CANCER, where it remains until July 22, 2015.  This also marks the Summer Solstice when the sun reached its highest point for the year.

Symbolized by The Crab, and ruled by the Moon, Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the Goddess, and of the Ancestors. ‘Cancer’ can seem an unfortunate word in my opinion, given its implications in modern medical language, yet the symbolism can be apt even in that context.    As the sign of nurturance, it is not “crabby” but merely a bit moody, sensitive to changes in the atmosphere and protective of its home environment… as are the crab and mothers of young in the majority of species.  Its ruler, the Moon,  signifies the cyclic patterns followed by all Life’s energies and processes…birth-growth-death-return.

Protection and sensitivity are also qualities of Cancer’s energy.  At core is a vulnerability exceeding that of any other season or sign of the year. Life, newly emerged__ as sprouts of green-growing things; as innocent baby animals and birds; as reawakened urges and desires in humans__ is at a tender, needy, dependent stage of development during this month.

This is the beginning of summer in our northern hemisphere and many of us may feel a bit too giddy, too eager to soak up the warmth and sunshine. We may get burned. We need to protect ourselves from overexposure… like the crab.

Cancer, as the sign of the Universal Mother, stirs urges in humans and animals to give and receive nurture. This primary force underlies our deepest longing to belong, for it represents the womb and the cradle which contained us in our infancy; the protective and sheltering arms that held us in our helplessness; the breasts from which we fed and received sustenance in our nascent need.

Cancer also represents a wellspring__ the water from which life springs forever anew. This emotionally deep energy elicits memories of our “source” at many levels. We are reminded how our childhood experiences in home and family served as foundations for our future growth. We now can connect with ancestral roots; reclaim our ties to the past, both in our immediate life and in lives we may have lived before.  As Human beings, subconsciously, we may be led to recall our very metamorphosis in evolution__ the leaps and stages of development between ancestor and descendant at all levels of Life’s forms:

Jean M Auel, in her premier novel Clan of the Cave Bear (published 1980) gives the following spirited portrayal of such an experience of recalling our primordial roots:
In that still, dark night, lit by ancient stars, a few men experienced visions impossible to describe… From the depths of their minds they found the undeveloped brains of creatures of the sea floating in their warm saline environment. They survived the pain of their first breath of air and became amphibians, sharing both elements… Then down through the ages they became in succession each of their progenitors, and sensed those that diverged to other forms. It made them aware of their relationship with all life on eth earth, and the reverence it fostered, even for the animals they killed and consumed, formed the basis of a spiritual kinship…

Evidence continues to surface from archeological and anthropological research that cultures of pre-historic times were indeed formed around such a deep bond with all of nature. Primary archaic symbols for Life itself were depicted within the female images__ especially in the pregnant or nursing mother.

The Great Goddess, who has again awakened in the consciousness of many people, is particularly evoked in the meanings of the sign Cancer. This sign, ruled by the Moon, recalls the cyclic pattern of all life processes__ a perpetual movement from birth to death to rebirth; from emergence to ripeness to harvest to re-seeding; from night darkness to morning light to high noon to dusk and to dark; from winter to spring to summer to fall and to winter again. And riding above us as a perpetual reminder of this process, the Moon makes her round from New to Full Moon and back monthly.

Cancer’s energy can help us tap our feminine consciousness of this great round. As men and women find ourselves within the universal scheme of beginnings to endings to new beginnings, we can gain some comfort in knowing we are all together on this carnival wheel called Life.

To be included in the universal family circle, to belong to a lineage traced through generations and have roots reaching deeply into an ancestral heritage that reaches back to the beginnings of life on earth__ these are all matters of importance to the Cardinal Water energy of Cancer. Contemporary science has begun to confirm that we are all descended from the same primordial source, just as ancient traditions taught.

Although the season of Cancer coincides with the longest days of the year during the Summer Solstice, we may perceive it also as the point at which night again begins to lengthen, and thus a time for honoring the moon and the Dark. (Just as the winter Solstice in December is marked as the time of celebrating the return of the Light and lengthening days)

May the tides of life’s ups and downs wash over you as the seas wash the shores, bringing sustenance, cleansing and rejuvenation from daily toils. May your inner connection to the Great Cosmic Mother be restored and reinforced so that you can draw upon her for spiritual nourishment and protection in times of need. May you become aware at the deepest levels of your soul that you are one-with-all__ a child of the divine source from which all life rises and a channel for that sacred force to flow into the world. Let your inner child be embraced by the all-loving maternal spirit within.



from cover of Autumn 1990 ORION Nature Quarterly

(photo from Autumn 1990 ORION Nature Quarterly;  a pair of “Sifakas” in Madagascar,  photographer copyright Frans Lanting)

On May 21, 2015 the sun entered the zodiac sign of GEMINI where it will stay for a month until about June 21.

When the force of Gemini is with us, we can breathe deeply of springtime air and let the breeze of fresh thinking clear away the cobwebs of outworn ideas. Letting the curiosity of our inner child lead us, we can explore new possibilities and open our minds in an eager quest for new information about the world around us. We can dare to ask questions of life while we challenge rigid dogma and re-examine our limiting preconceived notions.

As the force of Gemini sweeps into action it brings paradox, surprise and inconsistency. Gemini emphasizes the fundamental duality of life. Its symbol, The Twins, represent polarity. They remind us of the dual nature within each person which needs to be recognized as valid and viable. We each have within us both the individuating forces and the relating forces of life. Each person contains the “light” of ego-consciousness and the “dark” unconscious of the soul. There is no need to judge their respective merit for both are invaluable and utterly necessary for living a whole and healthy life.

During the time of Gemini our thoughts and emotions are likely to fluctuate restlessly between extremes__ one moment in exhilaration and the next in despair. Like the pendulum of a clock, our thoughts and feelings swing from one end of the spectrum to the other, yet most of the time we live somewhere in between.

Just so, Gemini teaches us not to focus on the extremes but to explore the space in between. Here we discover the diversity that gives sparkle to our lives. From sunrise to sunset and back again we live through the twilights, highlights and shadows of our days and nights. In the constant interplay between dualities, creative power is generated. From the peaks and valleys of our life we draw inspiration and courage to live the routines of our daily plains and flat-lands with verve and zest for life. Gemini energy can help us view things from opposite sides and observe the magnificent panorama of Life.

The Greek statesman-philosopher, Heraclitus, (c 540-475 BCE) taught that change takes place by means of the interaction of opposites__ the river constantly fills and empties into the sea; day evolves into night; good reacts to evil; birth culminates in death. He said; “the unlike join together, and from their difference results in beautiful harmony.
We can also learn with Gemini’s energy that “balance” does not mean “stasis” for we balance opposing aspects of our lives by accepting each as equally valid, then we balance seemingly conflicting realities by giving each attention at their appropriate times. Like the constant movement of a juggler keeping many objects in motion with rhythmic harmony, we keep balance between the multiple realities of life with a moving flow of energy that is essentially cyclic. Linear thinking brings anxiety and restlessness, while circular thinking opens our mind to accept the great variations of possibility. We can then learn to listen and speak with the intelligence of soul rather than the false intellect of ego.

Language and communication are the domain of Gemini and it planetary ruler, Mercury.  This is a time when we can have opportunity tolink our soul to our intellect in order to construct bridges of communication between divergent views and contribute to the cause of world healing and greater harmony.   Goddess Bless.



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Today, (April 22, 2015) is EARTH DAY. An appropriate signal of the meanings of this Astrology sign, and its many legends. Taurus, the most earth-centered and grounded Fixed energy sign, signifies a deep connection to Mother Earth and to all that grows and lives upon Her body.

The Bull of Taurus is a feminine symbol that stood for fecundity and fertility in ancient matrifocal (woman-ruled) agricultural civilizations throughout the world. From Paleolithic caves of Europe, to Egypt, India, Persia, and China, as well as the Celtic cultures of the British Isles, the mystery and power attributed to the essential Great Goddess Mother was focused through the masculine principle as an energizing force, valued for its potency while also guarded against for its destructive potential. The bull came to represent the essential masculine potency controlled and tamed.

Most of these societies were founded upon a fundamental respect for Nature, which was considered to be Feminine. It engendered loyalty to family and clan, and for the sanctity of women and girls. Brothers and uncles protected the females from invading tribes just as the bull protects his cows from predators. The male’s potent sexual drive was seen to represent the fertilizing energy for the new life which grew from the womb of the female.

This is a ‘pregnant interval’ in the wheel of the year. The tamed Bull of Taurus follows the initiating ‘thrust’ of the Ram of Aries. In this phase of the year receptive feminine and active masculine forces combine to create new forms as yet unborn. It is a time to plant our feet firmly on the ground and get in touch with the physical nature of life all-around us. We may feel an urgency to re-establish the innate balance of Nature, which we have deeply disrupted by our overly intellectualized, mechanized technologized lives.

We may turn to the wisdom of past ages and ‘pagan’ cultures, such as the Native Americans, who traditionally viewed themselves as custodians of the Land. This is an auspicious moment, as our world teeters on the brink of great cataclysmic changes in climate and environmental forces. It is an opportune time for us to re-affirm the Majesty of our home planet and to work together with all peoples in cooperative, practical ways to heal the Earth.

Blessed Be.





IN THE WHEEL OF THE GODDESS which I envision as a perpetually repeating, yet ever-changing cycle of Life, The Full Moon represents the phase of the Lover Archetype.

Whether in the monthly lunar cycle, in the yearly high point of Summer Solstice, or in the overall progress of our individual lives whenever romantic or creative or idealistic powers are activated, we are being touched by this energy.  The Cosmos is giving us a kiss.

It always brings a time of some uplift of spirit, some inspirational or hopeful change of focus.  This may be only momentary or it can be deeper creating some real change in our perspective or motivation.   It can be a numinous moment, a transcendental event, or even a miraculous opening of the heart.

Yet it is only an opportunity.  It does not guarantee lasting pleasure or love or beauty.  It is an energy we are offered at the moment and we can make our own choice whether and how to use it in our lives.   We can build upon it to increase our sense of worth and become more confident of who we are and where we are going.   We may store the energy within our heart to draw upon at more challenging times in the future.   And we may simply take it  and enjoy it as a passing pleasure to be savored in our memories.

As a meditation,  you might spend some quiet time simply letting your mind reach back and recall a few of these ‘full moon’ moments in your own life.   Such a meditation can serve to change a negative attitude, heal a disappointed heart, or even reawaken a wilting love.

I use this meditation frequently just to awaken my creative energies, for it always helps me feel better about myself and then gives me courage to move forward with a project or task.

Best Blessings

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