My Artwork and Photography


On this and its adjoining pages you will find pictures of the “Art-Quilts” and “Pet Portraits in Fabric” that I have made, as well as some “Hand Crafted Cloth Dolls” and “Altered Barbies”.   Also I will post some water color paintings and photos taken on trips to Europe back in the 1960’s.   I may add some “Digital Montages and Manipulations” from experiments with computer art programs.   In other words, these pages will be a hodge-podge of “Creativity” and “Fun Stuff”.

To begin, here are a few of my “Pet Portraits”   Most of these have been made for myself of my cats, or as gifts to friends of their pets.  A few are commissioned pieces that I actually sold!  (Whee!)

100_8220 Tally detail

Tally,  A friend’s beautiful tortoiseshell kitty.

Foxy puppy quilt

Foxy.   Commissioned by a dear friend.  One of their gorgeous Huskies when she was a baby… grown now and winning at shows.

100_1743 100_1742 100_1764

Lacy.  A friend’s dear little ShiTsui dog who has since passed away.


Jezabel.  My “pretty girl” torbie Persian.  Now 13 years old.


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3 Responses to My Artwork and Photography

  1. Mary Helen in OR says:

    Absolutely STUNNING cat portraits. Such TALENT!!


  2. Ah, seeing that these comments won’t get posted right away, I can add a pdf link for you, so it won’t become public, unless you make it (which I do not intend you to do), but you can see it by yourself.

    I am doing genealogy at I was looking for people who have emigrated from Alahärmä, Finland, and found your mother’s parents – assuming that your maiden name is Strolberg. Both of your mother’s parents were from Alahärmä, Finland, and pretty much all their known ancestors are from there or neighboring towns. The names in the linked document act as links to Familysearch, so if you register there (it’s free, by mormons), you can see digitized documents about those people.

    I’m a 40 years old male from a neighboring town, Kauhava. My ancestors from my father’s side are from Alahärmä, too.

    I am not in Facebook (anymore), but if you (for some reason) want to get in touch with locals, you can join “Puskaradio Kauhava” and ask help from there.

    Br again,


    • Manywoman says:

      Hello Pauli:
      This is interesting and very surprising. I have very little information about my mother’s ancestors as her mother emigrated to the US when she was a young woman of 19 years old. At the moment I can think of nothing to tell you from my side, but when I get a moment I will keep this link and try to look into what is there of interest or any relatives I might still connect with. I had never heard the name Alaharma, but then I was one of those kids who didn’t ask enough questions about my parent’s past… alas, now I wish I had! Thank you for contacting me and good luck with your research. Best, ~Karin


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