January 2, 2018

The empty mind floats in space

passing ideas, images, reflections, insights, inspirations,

hopes and dreams, fears and nightmares…

A New Year opens…

an empty book without story, without plot, without theme or characters…

waiting to be filled page by page, day by day…

The crabbed hand begins to write,

drawing thoughts from Time and Space…

making sense of a senseless world…

But the passion is gone flat…

the heart doesn’t hear it…

the spirit flounders…

the words won’t come

And the cat comes and sits on the page!

Oh well.  Enough pondering, ruminating, and cogitating for today… tomorrow the words may flow again.

About Manywoman

I am an eclectic artist and writer, retired from a 35-year career as a PhD sex therapist and counselor at the University of MN Medical School, Program in Human Sexuality. Since retiring in 2005, I have devoted myself to hobbies and pursuits in various art forms and in writing. My art and writing both tend to focus on subjects of women's spirituality and occult mysteries, I read voraciously in most genres, but mainly Occult and urban fantasy, historical fiction, and non-fiction alternative history and religions from female perspective. In addition I am a lover of cats, with five at home with me; an avid collector of fashion dolls; a sewer and creator of art quilts and other fiber arts; a hap-hazard flower gardener; and a retired professional astrologer.
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