Monday, November 21, 2016

Only two weeks ago many thousands of us went hopeful and cheerful, looking forward to placing our vote for the First Woman President of the United States.   We were confident of her lead in the poles, believing that we would be celebrating her victory next morning.  Instead we woke up to the most dreadful nightmare.  We’d handed the Presidency to a madman.

All our efforts to inform and educate people to the Truth; our dreams of a woman-led democratic union; our passionate arguments against the evil portents of a “Trump-pest” administration; our donations to the political campaigns… wasted, made in vain…  our souls, spirits and hopes dashed overnight by a cruelly Rigged Election.

Hillary won the popular vote by over a million people, yet the Electoral vote went to Trump by its minimal 270.  Irregularities are being uncovered in the poles of several states where people were prevented from voting by various nefarious deeds by Republican officials.   We are re-living the Gore/Bush debacle of 2000, only without the interference of the Supreme Court, which is itself now crippled by an empty chair.

Therein lies another foul deed of the Republican insurgency… one which seems to doom us to decades of Right-Wing rulings and depravities in favor of the wealthy elite.   Barring some last-minute miracle, the reality of dangers pile higher day by day as word of Demagogue Donald’s cabinet appointments come through with names from a virtual Rogue’s Gallery of political traitors from the past two or three decades!

It all seems too awful to comprehend and we are tempted to go meekly into the dark night …  many already capitulating, saying “give him a chance”,  “maybe he will change”,  and the most pathetic of all:  “We just have to learn to live with  it and hope to change things in two or four years”

But warnings hail from all corners of the globe where people have seen this tale acted out to its worst conclusions…  and they scream at us to Fight Against Complacency Now!!!  Do not Trust the Enemy to be Humane… Work together to build your own “walls” of cooperative union among yourselves and continue to work the programs that are already underway for stemming climate change and protecting the vulnerable people among us…  They beg us to remember that what we do now will impact the future for decades to come… it is our children’s future we are gambling away if we give in to the racist, sexist, corrupting voices of White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan!

At less dismaying levels of pragmatic philosophy, we can recall that many have prognosticated a period of major change in the world and on the planet for decades.  And we have watched the larger world experience varied levels of drastic and dramatic alterations in their lives, while we in the US have remained relatively secure and complacently comfortable, assuming we were well protected from such a catastrophe.

Yet underneath our daily visible politic there simmered a cauldron of evil, greedy discontent kept alive by small conclaves of disempowered white men and women lead by a clutch of wealthy bigots and liars.   Trump lit their fire and these deplorable folks ran roughshod over our fragile democracy to vote for a fascist dictator as President of the Unites States.


I have felt unable to write since the election, although you have seen many entries prior to the event where I have expressed my concern and fear of just this kind of outcome.   I do not pretend to be psychic or in any way wise about these matters and I was never alone in expressing those ideas.  I only wish I could have been proven wrong.   I have held back from writing until now because I simply could not collect a string of coherent thoughts from the muddle of information coming through the media, and my own wildly fluctuating moods.  I alternated between despair and total hopelessness to a kind of euphoria that the worst was at hand and we now had a real challenge to address and fight it together.

Throughout the past months of the campaign I jotted down my thoughts daily, and some of those I shared here in a previous post.

In the last two weeks more rants and insights and blasphemous thoughts have crossed my mind and I have scribbled them down for future reference in this blog.  As I read through them now I feel some embarrassment at the raw rage I am capable of venting, but I also see the need to express such feelings… it Is a purging of the wounded spirit and a cleansing of the mind to prepare for more constructive and kindly future thoughts, ideas and plans.

So I decided to share some of these here.   I apologize for offending tender sensibilities… but these were my truest, most passionate feelings and thoughts at the time.  Perhaps my sharing these will help others to release some of their own pent-up “bad feelings” and “hateful thoughts”.     I have discovered that once the darkness within myself is allowed into the light it truly can transform to constructive determined action.



Thoughts coming up to the election:

October 10:   Following a week of news about Trump’s shoddy history with women and raunchy attitudes and slimy behaviors in general and now tapes of him suggesting rape and worse of women I am seeing that a core underlying message and theme of this election is really ALL ABOUT WOMEN.

It could be a feminizing of the Nation and the World… signaling the reawakening and rise of Goddess Light.  We are challenged to overcome the moral crisis of Hate and to bring up the Power of Compassion… a hard challenge in this period of violence and hate-crimes and ignorance of the general populace.

October 15:  An article in The Nation re: re Alexis Tocqueville in America brings some insight into the folks who are voting for Trump under the mistaken impression that he will stand up for them against the powerful money interests and corporate/cultural power-mongers.   Ordinary white guys once held a sort of power through their factory jobs and other roles in lower class society which the rich elite needed them to perform.  But now many of those jobs have disappeared, gone overseas and been replaced by machines..  the electronic age baffles them and leaves them short of options for work… and they feel their ignorance, especially considering better educated immigrants, Blacks, Hispanics, and women are gaining power!   Okay.   So, I get it.  They feel left out and disenfranchised.  But it does not make me feel much empathy for them when they act to dismantle the entire democratic system with their mob-ruled threats and gun violence.

October 20:   I totally dislike the hate-talk and name-calling on Facebook but I am following the campaign carefully and posting positive information.  This is not an ordinary election.  It is something we have never seen in America.  The Republican candidate is totally unqualified to lead our nation.  But there are enough people who have bought decades of scandalous lies about Hillary Clinton and so hate her without even checking the facts or the testimony of knowledgeable people on Both sides who are backing her because she is truly the most qualifies and experienced person to be president in our lifetime.

October 21:  We have become an unkind people.  We are quick to judge any flaw and slow to forgive any mistake… especially of a woman in a powerful position.  As if we aren’t all flawed… as if we don’t make mistakes!   My great sadness is hearing so many good women continue to cling to their wrong-headed notions and misguided attitudes toward Hillary Clinton.   I want to shake them and say “at least take the time to read and listen to things other than Fox news and the tabloids… because if you continue to believe all those lies you will be contributing to the possible election of a crook and potential fascist dictator to become President… Remember, this is not a popularity contest.  It doesn’t matter if you personally don’t like Hillary.  What matters is not about you at all… but the future of our country and of your children and grandchildren!!!  Wake up you “Christian” women… check your prayers and blessings against the misogynistic judgements of your heart…  how do those match up?

October 30:   Giving up… losing hope… so much pain to bear under such feelings of helplessness in the face of powerful $$ interests…  dreadful predictions of a GOP/Trump win in the elections grow louder…  Horrendous news from North Dakota Pipeline Native American’s Peaceful Protest Occupation… No help from the government!  If we fight and give our best efforts peacefully and still the worst happens… is that Destiny?  Dear God No!

November 5:   As election day grows nearer I’ve begun to wonder if it might be better to have Trump win because the foolish people will be forced to see how wrong they have been to reject Hillary who is supremely qualified to take on the burden of the presidency.  For if she wins she will only continue to fight the unfair personal hate along with all the other problems the “alt-right” will unleash on her.  This nation only appreciates their heroes and good leaders after they are gone…

November 9:  WE ran the best qualified person we’ve ever had for President against the least, most uninformed and inappropriate person we could find, and the electoral college, with @40 percent of the voting public chose the latter.  The only real significant factor:  She is a woman!   They can’t abide a woman in power.  The misogynistic public cannot envision a woman leader.   America has lost its mind!  We have become an unkind, indifferent, greedy, violent, hate-filled country!
To Hell with the American public…  stupid fools!

November 10:  If we are doomed to succumb to a fascist dictatorship it will have been due to the nation’s inability to accept female leadership.  I vow to speak out about this issue and work with/through feminist organizations and platforms for Women in Power such as Ms, Emilie’s List, and all others with feminist emphasis.

I also vow not to hold back my true feelings and opinions of people who are stupid enough to support a male demagogue and pathological liar, narcissistic psychopathic sexist racist rapist for president!!!!  Such people are no longer worthy of a shred of my respect and kindness.  Sorry.  But I am Not a believer in “Loving my enemy” … so I’m a “bad” person… so be it!!!   I proudly claim myself to be an authentically Nasty Woman!!!

November 15:   Under Obama we were on the way to becoming a healthier thriving democracy… but in the shadows a bunch of selfish, deplorable, and despicable people weren’t “happy” and threw it all away.  If we actually ever have another election in 2020, and a Democrat wins, they will have a country in shambles to repair!

November 18:  Trump appointing his cabinet puts me in mind of a gang of bully boys playing at “Let’s take over the world” … except these aren’t boys and this is no pretend game.  This may be the New Hitler Regime taking shape right under our noses and with the blessing of nearly half of the American people!

November 20:   So, wasn’t one of the main “sins” of Hillary that she had too close ties to the financial interests and that she was too closely allied to “the Establishment” (whatever that is) ?   But the guy they Love is now filling his cabinet with scions and crooks totally immersed in that very same elite world, only at its extreme most rapacious end!

November 21:  In the end I trust women to come through… even those who voted for Trump… once they see what he and his kind forebode for the future of their daughters and sons.

About Manywoman

I am an eclectic artist and writer, retired from a 35-year career as a PhD sex therapist and counselor at the University of MN Medical School, Program in Human Sexuality. Since retiring in 2005, I have devoted myself to hobbies and pursuits in various art forms and in writing. My art and writing both tend to focus on subjects of women's spirituality and occult mysteries, I read voraciously in most genres, but mainly Occult and urban fantasy, historical fiction, and non-fiction alternative history and religions from female perspective. In addition I am a lover of cats, with five at home with me; an avid collector of fashion dolls; a sewer and creator of art quilts and other fiber arts; a hap-hazard flower gardener; and a retired professional astrologer.
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