I fear to have it too easy, so I make things harder for myself than I need to by worrying about things I have no ability to control.  

But I believe that words have power in themselves. So, by writing my own thoughts, or ‘posting’ those of others with whom I agree on Facebook and my own blog, or in emails to friends, I hope to make a small ripple that will reach a few others and inspire them to notice, speak up and take actions on their own. 

Particularly I hope to cause a few to take notice who remain complacent in the face of the tremendous threats and changes moving throughout the world these days.  This is no “politics as usual” “ho-hum” election!  Neither is it a circus being performed for the amusement of public media’s bored audience. 

It is a major turning point in the future of our country and all nations of the world, as well as one which could determine the future survival of Earth and all her creatures.  Does this sound too dramatic?  So be it.  Great prophets in many traditions including the Christian bible have spoken of such times to come.  So does the ancient study of the stars and planets we call astrology. 

But this is not necessarily a ‘gloom and doom’ prophecy, but a challenge to human kind to transcend our petty disagreements and learn to live in peace together, sharing the bounties of our planet and world.  Yet, seeing how people are behaving during these “interesting times” is disheartening, discouraging, and disappointing. 

My journal for the past few weeks reflects my thoughts and fears and hopes.  Here are a few entries:

JULY 13:   Some word meanings:

Bigot:  hater, obstinate person, prejudiced person, dogmatist, intolerant, narrow-minded…  Bigotry:  strictness, fanaticism, dogmatism, obstinacy, hate.

Hypocrite:  imitator, phony, pietist…  Hypocrisy:  deceit, affectation, sanctimony, doubleness… Hypocritical:  canting, pretexted, assumed

Authoritarian:  imperious, strict, narrow-minded

Radical:  reformer, extremist, left, revolutionary

JULY 21:    A Fleeting Thought:   Obama and his family have returned respectability to the office of the Presidency but Republicans can’t see that.  All they see is a BLACK family occupying the WHITE House!   Racists.

JULY 31:   How is it that so few people (“friends”) on Facebook will risk supporting, commenting, sharing, or even “liking” posts that speak positively about Obama and/ or Hillary Clinton?  I realize that a majority of folks in the county where I live are Republicans, so I don’t expect them to read my posts.  Yet, I feel like I live in a virtual vacuum… a silent place where no one dares take a stand, or even cares about the future of our nation… where folks are either oblivious to the world at large or are totally blinded by their private selfish interests, or brain-washed by the hate media so they can only parrot what they hear on their tv and right-wing talk shows.  No one takes time to THINK for themselves… to examine the facts.

AUGUST 4:   At last I have found three or four women (note the gender) on my Facebook friends list who are speaking out in favor of Hillary Clinton.  I want to hug them!  I so appreciate knowing I am not alone out there.  I also enjoy our occasional shared comments and repost some of the things they are posting.  My email shows other folks are ‘sharing’ some of the things I have posted even though they may not make comments.

I also need to acknowledge my close personal friends who are totally sympathetic with the progressive movement.  We do have long and invigorating conversations whenever we get together and those visits and phone calls feel like the very “breath of life” to my suffocating, screaming, lonely, passionately progressive soul!

AUGUST 5:   It is all about Misogyny and Sexism. The haters will never be convinced by reasonable discourse.  They are locked into their hatred of Hillary and march in lock step with their “leaders” who do not merely Hate her, but FEAR her.  A strong woman who has stood up against their lies, defamation, insults, slanders, and bullying for nearly four decades and she just keeps on doing what she believes in, which is mainly helping women and children in a misogynistic sexist male-run world.  They are terrified of a strong woman in a position of power… (does she remind them of ‘mother’ ?  make them feel small and weak?)  or is it a sexist male-on-top thing?  Who knows.  (There are some very interesting theories being posted about this!)

(The psychology and personality analysis being posted of Donald Trump online is another fascinating study these days)

But mostly they fear Hillary, as ‘Madam President’, will quash their greedy plans to take over everything… she will demolish and expose their paper tiger.  They despise her strength, experience and wisdom.  And they are jealous of that!

AUGUST 6:  I am very excited to see her become our first woman president.  I believe it will bring more women into positions of power, and also empower us ordinary women to speak up and act in behalf of the interests of our families, our homes, our environment, our schools, our fellow humans and our animal kindred throughout the world.  There is a very strong Progressive, future-oriented and humane movement working its way under all the nasty hoopla of hate that is glorified by right-wing and popular media.  It is a quiet river that will soon begin to wash over the noise and drown out the hate-filled bigots and hypocrites.

AUGUST 8:  It is hard not to get defensive.  It annoys me that when I write or speak about politics I feel I must qualify everything I say because the listener/reader is so quick to jump in with argument, parroting some of the mainstream accusations against Hillary.   So I say things like:  “You demand perfection of her, but not of the male candidates on either side?  How do they get by with lies that they tell so blatantly?  Does a woman have to be flawless or divine in order for you to accept her leadership?” It is so annoying to always feel ‘on the defensive’ as I do lately… so guarded and careful whom I try to engage in serious meaningful conversation.

AUGUST 9:  I have been appalled to see some people I like at work suddenly posting in favor of Trump!!!  I cannot believe these otherwise seemingly sane and friendly folks (men and women) can be so ignorant!!!   It breaks my heart.   I am trying hard not to argue with them, but simply ignore those remarks.  My tongue is getting sore from biting it!

AUGUST 13:  The nay-sayers and perpetual discontents will never appreciate or acknowledge the good things that Hillary, Obama, or any other leader of the progressive/rational/reasoning political stance achieves.  The Malcontents grip their displeasure like a club with which to pummel all those with reasonable, intelligent, optimistic and confident views of the world’s potential future.  The Malcontents find superiority only among their numbers of whining colleagues on public media and TV, Facebook, Twitter and similar crying boards.  Meanwhile, the smart and competent will continue to quietly go about the business of making life better for all… even for the whining, mindless Malcontents.

Yet the mindless minions of evil-spewing rogues and robbers will  continue to lob their shit-bombs of Hate to fuel the fire, impede progress and feed the rage of gun-loving war-mongers and bigoted fascists with poisonous lies, hungrily gobbled up and spewed into public media.  Life is not going to be simple again for a long time!

AUGUST 13:  I am learning some hard truths:  Ignorant people are always ready to believe the worst about knowledgeable people.  They will not listen; they don’t know how.  They do not read; they are too lazy to think for themselves.  It is easier to believe and repeat what their ‘leaders’ tell them.   This is true even of some basically “nice” decent folks!  And this seems to have little to do with their social class… whether poor or well off.  It is a specific kind of mind-set I think.  I begin to wonder if there isn’t some kind of virulent brain infection going around! Women especially have learned to believe and parrot their husbands, fathers, brothers, boyfriends… they have bought into the woman-hating-fearing mantra of Western culture… it is not their fault.  It is the fault of our religions and our schools that teach these things from the start.

But our own complacency as a nation is at the root of our current troubles because this has been building up now for about thirty years or more and we have done very little to fight it.   Now we are at the crossroads.  We must choose our path carefully.

AUGUST 14:  Trump may be doing us a favor.  He is exposing us to the worst that lies within us… the ugliest underbelly of our culture… the hatred and fear of “the Other” … racism, bigotry, cheating, lying, sexism, misogyny and fascist authoritarian hypocrisy!   We could be on the brink of the total destruction of our democracy.  But the man himself is an insane, bonkers lunatic, and of much less concern than the people who have put him up there and those who have bought into his rage and hatred.  They will not go away just because he is defeated in the election.  We need to stay strong for the long haul and not let down our guard.  Get out and VOTE, goddammit!  And then support our First Woman President!

AUGUST 19:  I am having a hard time focusing on things in my own life and getting almost nothing accomplished on my ‘do lists’ these days.   There is so very much going on in the world and I am compelled to keep watching and reading on Facebook and online and email newsletters.  I finally decided to give myself permission to do just that… it seems like what is needed… what I am supposed to be doing at this very critical juncture of our nation’s and the world’s history.  I believe we need to Pay Attention.  To stay informed and knowledgeable, and take part as best we can in the dialogue.  I realize that by trying to focus only on my own stuff I was contributing to the complacency and therefore the potential dissolution of democracy.  Soon enough I will get back into my own routine daily life, but with a greater understanding of the larger picture.

This moment in history is a long-foretold time of major a cataclysmic Change in the world.  We must do whatever we can to direct that movement toward the Good and Best Ends… even if we ourselves don’t live to see it come to pass.

AUGUST 21: (Today) I have spent most of the day on and off either Facebook or email/internet.  The news cycle is so full of important events both local and world-wide, plus our political circus that just keeps getting crazier and crazier!  I find it is as interesting to me as a good book right now.

I am “sharing” so much stuff on my Facebook feed that my “friends” are going to be kept busy just flipping past all my posts!  Maybe some will actually stop and read the stuff!  I won’t hope for many comments though… I understand.  It can be overwhelming.  I’ve become a fanatic… only momentarily, I hope!

About Manywoman

I am an eclectic artist and writer, retired from a 35-year career as a PhD sex therapist and counselor at the University of MN Medical School, Program in Human Sexuality. Since retiring in 2005, I have devoted myself to hobbies and pursuits in various art forms and in writing. My art and writing both tend to focus on subjects of women's spirituality and occult mysteries, I read voraciously in most genres, but mainly Occult and urban fantasy, historical fiction, and non-fiction alternative history and religions from female perspective. In addition I am a lover of cats, with five at home with me; an avid collector of fashion dolls; a sewer and creator of art quilts and other fiber arts; a hap-hazard flower gardener; and a retired professional astrologer.
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