But now I have run out of steam.  I put the manuscript aside on December 1 and don’t plan to pick it up again until sometime next year!   50,000 words is only about 2/3 of what this book will need before I have finished even this third draft, and then it will require at least another 2 to 4 re-workings before I will feel ready to submit it to an editor!

For anyone interested, I plan to post a copy of some beginning sections from it in my UNPUBLISHED WRITINGS Page soon… (maybe!)

I feel proud that I got through the challenge, but now my energy has really flagged.  I blame it on dreary weather, a miserable cold (just picked up two days ago)  and the big holiday season for which I have very little enthusiasm this year.

Days are busy with lots of new/old projects, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.  Writing is such a simple, focused activity.  It requires little planning.  Just sit down at the keyboard and let your fingers do the work, as they say.

Now I am working on projects that require lots of pre-planning and preparation to even get started.   Top of my list is to get some cards mailed for Solstice/Christmas.  Those should get here from Shutterfly any day now and then I need to address them quickly so they arrive at least close to the holiday.

Next, I am posting some new items on my Etsy shop.  This requires hunting for the pictures and writing the blurbs and getting all the sizes and measurements and details down before actually listing the items.  No big deal, just a lot of little time-consuming busyness.   Housecleaning, once again, gets set on the back burner.

You may have guessed that I am writing this post on the run.  I have been feeling guilty because  I missed writing on this blog for the past few weeks and that disappoints me.   I find this is a “comfort zone” for me…  I can write and air my rambling thoughts at will and usually the exercise brings me a sense of some small accomplishment.  I thank you for staying with my little rant,.  Hopefully I will post something a bit more interesting soon.

About Manywoman

I am an eclectic artist and writer, retired from a 35-year career as a PhD sex therapist and counselor at the University of MN Medical School, Program in Human Sexuality. Since retiring in 2005, I have devoted myself to hobbies and pursuits in various art forms and in writing. My art and writing both tend to focus on subjects of women's spirituality and occult mysteries, I read voraciously in most genres, but mainly Occult and urban fantasy, historical fiction, and non-fiction alternative history and religions from female perspective. In addition I am a lover of cats, with five at home with me; an avid collector of fashion dolls; a sewer and creator of art quilts and other fiber arts; a hap-hazard flower gardener; and a retired professional astrologer.
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  1. sundog3 says:

    Congratulations Karin! I think writing would be taxing. I admire you. We’re slow in getting things done. Rest up now for the coming year and writing. 😉


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